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Women of Indian Rock: Sanaya Ardeshir

Vocalist and keyboardist Tanvi Rao of the Bengaluru-based electro trip hop group Sulk Station on the Mumbai-based electronica artist, Sandunes

Mar 24, 2015
Sanaya Ardeshir | Photo Courtesy: Naman Saraiya

Sanaya Ardeshir | Photo: Naman Saraiya

I have been drifting away from electronic music for a while now, what with watching kids listening to EDM at 7 am on the school bus (I teach in a school) to the build up-drop template that seems to be everywhere. “Slybounce” by Sandunes is one of the few exceptions. “Slybounce” is just one of Sanaya’s many tracks that have been crafted with meaning and intent, something that is rare nowadays especially in the electronic music spectrum. From the funk/jazz chords to the 2step/garage inspired beats, her music is danceable.

Her pianistic sensibilities seep through her production. She strings together samples, percussive elements and synths, creating music with strong melodic ideas that flows seamlessly. Her music is club-friendly yet honest ”“ a tough nut to crack. Her approach to making music is not formulaic/template-based ”“ something dance music often struggles with. The fact that she has a strong musical background and has been part of various live acts has probably helped her in making electronic music that is not mechanical. More importantly, she has managed to create a synth-driven signature sound that cuts through her diverse output.

I know out of experience that it’s very difficult to take an electronic project live. And she is probably one of the few people in the country who has done it successfully. We have shared stages quite a bit over the last couple of years. As a performer, she’s confident and calm. As a person she is extremely down to earth and warm.



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