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Mumbai Rock Band The Sleeping Satellite Introspect on Arena-Ready Single ‘Manzil’

The quartet have more material coming, which was written during the pandemic

Anurag Tagat May 28, 2021

Mumbai-based rock band The Sleeping Satellite. Photo: Kishore Lath

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Staying steady with their pursuit of the grandiose rock sound, Mumbai act The Sleeping Satellite have released their latest song “Manzil,” which journeys between quieter moments and bursts into anthem-like choruses in turns.

Bassist Mondip Kalita says, “We made this track back in 2019. Though we were ready to launch all the songs as a mini album but we chose to put it out as singles. Thankfully we recorded it before the pandemic. It is the title track of the EP we made.” He adds that there are now more songs that the band has worked on remotely through the course of the pandemic.

The song follows singles such as “Udd Chala,” “Khoj” and “Ehsaas,” now rounding off Manzil EP. As is the case with their previous releases, The Sleeping Satellite continue to delve into matters of the mind and heart, singing about freedom and self-belief. Guitarist Raja Pradhan says “Manzil” is about living the moments of the journey rather than rushing to one’s goal. “While it’s impossible to predict where one will land, the journey can bring you to any situation, and we believe it has no end. There’s no way to stop the time that’s ticking away. Looking at the current situation, many people who worked in the creative area or in any other industry that was affected by the pandemic have moved on to other employment. Priorities shift, but the quest should not be abandoned,” he adds.

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As the four-member band — completed by drummer Reeshav Gohrain and vocalist-producer Albert Dyrile Lakra — plot out their way through more material, there are also acoustic versions of their singles coming up. Lakra says there’s a “synergy” among the band members due to the bond they developed through spending time together since 2018. He adds about working together despite not being able to sit down and jam due to the pandemic, “We understand the emotional aspects of the song and writing exactly the same way and we have experienced those collective ‘wow’ moments which gets us excited. We are really grateful to the people who enjoy our work and we will make it our mission to get better everytime.”

Watch the lyric video for “Manzil” below. Stream on Spotify, Apple Music and JioSaavn.

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